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What to expect

Each Sunday at 10am we worship with joy and abounding love. Knowing there are many ways to encounter God, we welcome all—whether active, lapsed, lost, or curious!

Come for quiet contemplation, or to join in joyful music making, volunteer work, or building community. See 'We engage with one another' for more information about getting involved.
We are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for everyone—you can view our safety policy here.

The Monthly Worship Calendar

Over the course of a month we worship on a number of themes. These cycle, so that you can expect the following if attending in a particular week. All are welcome to join in socializing and enjoying refreshments after the service!

First Sunday


In this service all are invited to share in the bread and cup* of Jesus Christ in a spirit of hope, remembrance, and unity.

* We are gluten-free and non-alcoholic.

Second Sunday


On the second Sunday, worshipers bring items requested by the food pantry to be used as a part of our offering.

Third Sunday

Contemplation & Planning

Each month, the third Sunday is devoted either to a particular theme or to careful deliberation about what the future of the church should hold.

Fourth Sunday


On this Sunday, our children join in the main service to lead worship. This monthly celebration is subject to change, depending upon the church calendar.

For Younger Ones

Sunday School

The first, second, and third Sunday of each month, children ages 5-12 meet upstairs in the Parish House to learn about God's love through various stories and activities. On the fourth Sunday, all generations join in the sanctuary together for a Sunday School led service.  For the full Sunday School lesson schedule, please contact the office to have it emailed to you. 

Free Nursery

Every Sunday of the month from September to June, free nursery care is available. Our nursery is located upstairs in the Parish House next to the Sunday School. 

Our Liturgy

Below, see an example of our liturgy (church program) from a recent worship service:

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