The Willingness to Let Go


When Abraham looked up at the stars, he was asked to know his future generations. He would meet one of his sons, who would be his heir, named Isaac. Despite God’s promises, Isaac was still unexpected. His parents laughed at the thought of having a child at their old age. So he was named Isaac, like “yitshac,” the Hebrew word for laughing. His father loved him, and, though not first born, he made Isaac his heir. All of Abraham’s future hopes, all the stories he desired to be written, rested on Isaac. One day God asked Abraham to do a terrible and scary thing - to take Isaac to the mountaintop and sacrifice him. Sometimes our stories can take turns that seem too full of betrayal, or mistakes, or upset to continue. Thankfully, God stays Abraham’s hand, and Isaac lives on to be a great patriarch of Israel. It would seem, God did not truly desire the sacrifice - just the willingness to let go. Abraham showed a willingness to let go of the one he most loved for something greater than himself, for his God. What is our willingness to let go on the journey? When the things that are asked of us seem too great, when we don’t want to encounter the pain of our stories, how can we hear God’s voice calling us to let go of what we think “should be” our story? How can we be willing to see our story as it is, to let go of our expectations, and embrace our full story as God embraces us?


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