The Story: Creation(s)

It was once said,

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. You see all was once emptiness, “tohu wahu,” vapid and void, when the “ruah” of God, the wind, the breath, the very spirit of God fluttered over the waters.


And God separated the light from the dark, gave them the names of day and night. So it was, evening and morning the first day.


And God divided the water beneath from the water above with a vault, gave this vault the name of the heavens. So it was, evening and morning, the second day.


And God gathered the waters below to reveal dry land, gave them the names of seas and earth, and called them good, “tov”. Then on the land God made the seeds, plants, and fruit bearing trees, put them on earth, and called them “tov”, good. So it was, evening and morning, the third day.


And God declared the purpose of stars as signs of time, of the days and the years. Then God made the great light of the sun and the small light of the moon and all the stars beyond. And the light would always shine in the day or night, and it was good. So it was, evening and morning the fourth day.


And God created all swimming creatures of the sea and all flying creatures of the heavens, and declared them all good, and blessed them with the commission to be fruitful and multiply. So it was, evening and morning, the fifth day.


And God declared that the earth itself should bring forth creatures of every kind, and it did, and it was good. Then God declared that God’s self would make humankind in God’s own image, to be responsible for all in the sea, and in the heavens, and on the earth. So God created them, man and woman, and blessed them with the commission to be fruitful, to multiply, to be responsible for all creatures, to use plants and trees for food, as shall all the other creatures. And it was good.  So it was, evening and morning the sixth day.


On the seventh day, the whole task of creation was complete, and so God stopped to bless the day and hallow it. So it was, evening and morning the seventh day. Thus our God made the heavens and the earth.


And it was once said, by another,

YHWH Elohim, the Ineffable God, created the heavens and the earth in one day. On that day there were no plants, for there was no rain, nor any human to help the plants grow. Rather, wetness welled from underneath the earth, to form a kind of clay. From this earth, “‘adamah,” YHWH Elohim fashioned “’adam,” the earth creature, the human, and blew into its nostrils the breath of life.


YHWH Elohim planted a garden and there placed the human, with trees for food. In the midst of the garden was the tree of life, and also the tree of knowledge, good, and evil. YHWH Elohim placed the human there to till and watch the garden called Eden, with permission to eat the fruit of every tree, with one exception. YHWH Elohim warned the human not to eat of the tree of knowledge, good, and evil, for on the day the human does, it will be doomed to die.


Then YHWH Elohim decided the human should not be alone, and declared the need for a sustainer alongside it. Just as the human was made, so too from the earth were all the creatures made. Each creature was brought to the human to name, and so it did, but none of the creatures were a suitable sustainer.


So YHWH Elohim cast a slumber upon the human, and when deep in sleep, took out one of its ribs. From this rib, that they may stand alongside one another, YHWH Elohim created “isha,” a woman, and brought her to the human. Thus the man knew both her name and his own, saying she is “ishah”, woman, and he is “ish,” man, and for this reason a human being leaves its father and mother to live with its sustainer. And both man and woman were naked, and not ashamed.


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