July 30, 2017

If life is like crossing a night lake, with dark waters that can call us in, make us lose sight of shore, sometimes we can submerge into water and feel the world saying no. Sometimes we surface to cross the water to the shore in response to God’s yes. We all exist in a lifetime of nos and yeses, of moving through that overwhelmed feeling and the persistence of the crossing. In Christ, God has given us a gift, a yes embedded in every no. Stars open among the water lilies. Their reflective light caresses the water, showing u...

July 16, 2017

“But one day I shall know how to use

the poor passions

that flinch from the surface

of evident life - to surpass what I cannot

survive, search out, to partake

of the sleeper’s metallic condition

and his burning beginnings.”

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda penned these words as he lay dying of cancer, and you can hear him grasping for what the Village Voice called, “the clarity of spiritual flight.” To join the sleeper, to bring those poor passions that try to escape the lifelessness of this surface world of metallic conquest, and part...

July 9, 2017

An old Swedish folktale presents a man with a choice. He could be granted a wife who is beautiful and unfaithful, or a wife who is old and faithful. After a moment’s consideration, he says, “I want her to be what she wishes to be.”  Unsurprisingly, this man finds himself blessed with a partner who is beautiful and faithful.

I share this story not to cast judgment on any of the variations of “wife”, and certainly not to speak of physical beauty or any other one attribute with primacy, or reinforce the idea that only youth ho...

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