October 28, 2016

When Abraham looked up at the stars, he was asked to know his future generations. He would meet one of his sons, who would be his heir, named Isaac. Despite God’s promises, Isaac was still unexpected. His parents laughed at the thought of having a child at their old age. So he was named Isaac, like “yitshac,” the Hebrew word for laughing. His father loved him, and, though not first born, he made Isaac his heir. All of Abraham’s future hopes, all the stories he desired to be written, rested on Isaac. One day God asked Abrah...

October 10, 2016

You Were Foretold in the Heavens

You were foretold in the heavens, as were the lives of those you’d touch, the legacies you would leave. Even if you can’t know exactly who or how those legacies will be, God’s promise to you is that they WILL BE - you need only go on the journey with God. From the story of Abraham, we see that Israel did not emerge spontaneously, but was created from the remnants of the flood, the bits of humanity.

As Breuggemann reminds us, “As you will remember, there were not many examples of faith up to t...

October 2, 2016

Studying the story of Noah seems particularly appropriate this weekend. The flood narrative really hits home, as it is so dark and gloomy outside. Yet again, this was not an uncommon tale in the Ancient Near East, the tale of the flood. We can look back on what is now the relatively well-known tale of Gilgamesh. If you can dig back into this Mesopotamian epic, the Utnapishtim, the only mortal to gain immortality, tells Gilgamesh his story. The gods sent a great flood to wash away humanity, but Utnapishtim built and ark and...

October 2, 2016

Last we heard, the offspring of Cain, Lamech, has boasted of abusing God’s sign of protection. The offspring of Seth, also named Lamech, had a son he named Noah, in hopes that he would console the world.

Now it was once said, in the time of Noah, the earth was full of beautiful daughters that the sons of God came down to choose. This was the time of giants, when the daughters bore from the sons of God all the heroes of old, the masterful mortals of renown.

But God saw the earth was also full of those whose hearts only imagin...

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